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Welcome to Rogers Suffolks! We are based in Carmi, Illinois, and can provide the quality genetics you are searching for! Some of our genetics include Tom Burke Suffolks, MO rams and ewes. Contact us today for breed building yearling rams and ewes, rams and ewe lambs, select brood ewes and proven studs that are available for sale off the farm or at many of the shows and sales we attend in the United States.

A list of some of our winning placings are listed below, along with upcoming sales we plan to host or attend. Click on the Ewes and Rams links in the navigation bar to see our other winners, stud rams and ewes. You are welcome to reach us by any of the methods listed on our Contact page.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Hungry for a bite of delicious USDA Certified lamb? Look for our booth at the Downtown Evansville, Indiana Farmers Market!

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Rogers Suffolks Online Bred Ewe Sale

Hosted by Willoughby Livestock at:

Date: October 30, 2017
Time: 7:00 AM

Quality like these sheep will sell in our online sale:

2nd Place Flock - Phantom Hills Fitting & Training, NAILE 2016

black gold

"Black Gold" pictured in the Suffolk Senior Champion Line-up, NAILE 2016.
A "Cobra II" son, he is bred to 20 yearlings that will be offered in our online sale!

NAILE Suffolk Sale

Entry: Rogers Suffolks 16003 - Suffolk Yearling Ewe
Sire: TOM BURKE 1203 RR/NN; Dam: A Masser Suffolks 0223 RR

16003 suffolk yearling ewe to be sold at the NAILE suffolk show

The Chris Rogers/Tom Burke Flock
Missouri State Fair 2017

first flock and premier exhibitor illinois state fair 2015

1st Flock, Premier Exhibitor
2015 Illinois State Fair

first flock indiana state fair 2015

1st Flock
2015 Indiana State Fair

first flock wisconsin state fair 2015

1st Flock
2015 Wisconsin State Fair

2017 Missouri State Fair

2015 Illinois State Fair

2015 Indiana State Fair

2015 Wisconsin State Fair